Frequently Asked Questions

How Digibooster can help me earn revenue through my TikTok/Instagram Videos?

  1. You sign up with Digibooster.
  2. We will analyze your profile for type/number of fans, hearts, comments etc.
  3. We will connect with you once there is a matching brand requirement.
  4. Then you will make the required videos and we will pay you to post them.

What is Digibooster?

Digibooster is an influencer marketplace where brands and influencers are connected to run viral social media campaigns.

What is Digiboosters client base?

Digiboosters client base consists of OEMs, OTT platforms, Social Platforms, & Telcos

How will the video earn revenue and how will i get to know?

The video will earn revenue through Ads and Digibooster will provide the content owner with the dashboard facility to track the performance of the video.

What should be done to the video on my channel?

The video can be available on YouTube.

What mode of payment will Digibooster use?

All Online mode of payment like – PayPalGoogle PayPaytm, etc

In what format will the contract be provided?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) transfer or Google Drive

Between whom will the contract be signed?

The contract will be signed between “Digibooster” and the “Content Owner”